Cruise Lines

Mainstream cruise lines cover a wide range of styles and preferences. Some attract die-hard partiers, others appeal to families, and a few even cater to those with a thirst for knowledge and exploration. What they do share in common is affordability, as fares typically range from $50-$150 per night. Entertainment, meals in the main dining room and buffet, and access to shipboard amenities like the pool are included, whereas speciality dining, soft drinks, alcohol and other services will cost extra.


Premium cruise lines are geared towards passengers who like to relax and explore in comfort with a vibe that’s typically more laid-back, easy-going and social. Expect a slightly older demographic than a mainstream line, plus higher-quality cuisine, superior cabins, and fares from roughly $150-$300 per night. Some premium lines also include alcohol and specialty dining in addition to entertainment and access to the main dining areas.



Luxury cruise lines offer exquisite service, top-notch cuisine, and elegant accommodations. Fares cost at least $400 per night, although that price generally includes most onboard amenities like alcohol, dining, onboard classes, staff gratuities, and sometimes, your own personal butler. The most all-inclusive luxury lines even include flights and transfers to the airport.