Thai Airways to sell bags made from old life jackets in latest money spinning idea

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Thai Airways to sell bags made from old life jackets in latest money spinning idea


Airline repurposing life jackets into bags.

With airlines finding new ways to bring in some of the lost revenue due to the slump in travel demand, Thai Airways is the latest carrier to reveal a unique money-making idea.

The airline announced it is launching a range of bags made from repurposed life jackets and emergency door slide rafts.

“Help save the world from climate change; Thai Airways International introduces ‘Re-Life Collection,’ the bags reproduced from our disposed life vests and slide rafts,” the airline’s website said.

The carrier aims to “save the world from climate change” with the release of the range.

The “Project: Re” collection bags are priced at 390 baht ($12.50) for a small pouch, to 4,990 baht ($159) for a large bag.

Pre-orders are available from Oct. 29, 2020, 2:19pm with delivery slated to start from December 20 onwards.

Customers will be limited to two bags per order.

This isn’t the only alternative revenue-generating idea Thai Airways has had. Last month, the airline launched a plane-themed restaurant at its headquarters in Bangkok.

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The full range is as follows:

  • Life Trekker – Pencil case measuring 10x18x1cm, 390 baht ($12.50).
  • Life Roamer – Handbag measuring 22x21x3cm, 1,290 baht ($41).
  • Life Organizer – Tote bag measuring 22x35x12cm, 1,290 baht ($41).
  • Life Saver – Larger handbag measuring 18x31x11cm, 1,590 baht ($51).
  • Life Carrier – Larger tote bag measuring 35x32x8cam, 1,990 baht ($63).
  • Life Container – Largest, multi-compartment tote bag measuring 45x35x15cm, 4,990 baht ($159).